Read To Me

I recently had the privilege of working with a fantastic non-profit called Read To Me. They encourage mom's to share the joy of reading books to their children from the very beginning by delivering books in the hospital right after delivery. 

It is not a secret that I LOVE children's books and so I absolutely could not resist when it came to helping out with some design needs. One of my favorite of the designs I created for Read To Me was creating some fun and cute images to possibly go on a t-shirt. I just can't help and look at these illustrations and smile. Makes me want to go grab my daughter and snuggle up together with a great book.

RTM Shirt Designs.jpg

Read To Me just need a little bit of help with their message to moms. It is amazing how so many people have all the right pieces but just need a bit of help to fit them all together. I had so much fun reworking their Welcome Note included in the book bags for the moms. One thing was missing a SIMPLE MESSAGE. Sometimes a paragraph or more is just too much. So that is when ( READ TOGETHER. SNUGGLE TOGETHER. ) was created!

Welcome Card 2018.jpg

From Paper to the Stage

Never before have I ever designed something for print that was so amazingly transformed into artwork for a stage. I can't tell you how exciting it was to walk into the room at Front Range Christian Church and see the lined houses & trees I created for one of their sermon series transformed into large scale wooden structures! I was giddy for sure and just had to share.

This design was so fun to create. I designed it after my home town of Castle Rock. Check out the Castle Rock hill in the line art drawing that my town is named after; and the iconic star on the top of the rock that is lit every November for the Christmas and Winter season.  

Mountain of a Project

Being from Colorado I LOVE the mountains and I believe they are definitely one of God's most powerful & incredible creations! So I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to use and enhance a breathtaking photo of mountains to create this fantastic infographic booklet for Front Range Christian Church. This 16-page booklet was all about their first year as a church. It was also how I started off my work days in 2015. 


My Painting for the American Cancer Society

For the past several months I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to design all of the marketing pieces for the American Cancer Society Denver Gala that was held in The United Club Level at Sports Authority Field in Denver. What I have loved about this project is the joy I have had using abstract ribbons to basically paint each printed piece with bright colors. My medium is the computer, but every once in awhile I get projects such as this that gives me the feeling that I am creating something on canvas.

It was just recently featured in The Denver Post where Jake Jabs owner and founder of American Furniture Warehouse (LOL...a Colorado celebrity) was the auctioneer, who knew he did this. Click here to read all about the great night.

Band: Tony Daniel & The Wildefire

Band: Tony Daniel & The Wildefire

                                                                                            Jake Jabs

                                                                                            Jake Jabs


Below is the Sponsorship Packet design for this gala...continue to click on the picture to see it at its entirety.