Pantone Color Forcast & Facebook Moods

So my May issue of


came in the mail today and fell in love with the cover. Lots of colorful vintage shoes! The Pantone Annual Color Forecast was published in this issue and so I happily enjoyed checking it out. Here is a sneak peak at a few of the colors for fall 2009.


Of course bright, fun, a bit of 80's and some vintage in there too. Then I ran across how I could post my color mood on Facebook. Signed up right away as anything having to do with color is a must! However, I can't seem to get it to post to my profile even though I followed the instructions they published in GD USA. Oh well, I'll keep checking back with it anyways as I think it is a fun application.

So if your interested in displaying color moods on your Profile page in Facebook, here's the instructions from Pantone themselves:

1. Download PANTONE Moods application by going to

2. Then go to Settings/Application Settings/ Pantone Edit Settings

3. Select "Allow Pantone to publish specific story sies automatically without prompting"

4. Select "Short" or "Full" (depending on what options are available)