What It's Really Like Working From Home & Being a Mom!

Every night I go to bed, setting my phone alarm (for practically the middle of the night, ok 6 am, but in my world it feels like the middle of the night), with the best intentions of starting my morning off actually living the day I have dreamed about living for the longest time.

You know “that day”. The day where you jump out of bed well rested, with a smile on your face. You do your quiet time or Bible study right away, actually being on the right day of the study. You finish with so much inspiration to face the day and even ending without feeling rushed. Then, you transition to a great workout while wondering why it is so difficult for everyone else to get their workouts in. Then with all the time in the world you shower and get dressed so you can actually drop your child off at school looking like a “put together mom”. Your child wakes up and gives you no fussing, dresses themselves with no arguments, comes to breakfast, where you actually had time to make a 3-course meal, all while looking as though they stepped out of a Gap magazine.  You do morning devotionals with them that inspires them to have an amazing day. Homework and their lunch is already packed in their backpack and you whisk them off to school ready to tackle your to do list. And so on and so on and then . . . . you wake up and realize that you completely dreamed about “that day” AGAIN and you finally realize it WILL NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPEN!!


Well, my work day starts with me shutting my alarm off at 2 a.m. because I somehow was woken up by something. I look at my clock and think….are you kidding me? I am not getting up that early. So I jump out of bed usually in a state of panic 30 minutes before my child and I have to be out the door. I throw on whatever covers my body, usually forgoing the bra because really, who cares! Than I rush to my daughters room try and wake her up and rattle off a list of to do’s to her. I rush downstairs, scramble to make her a lunch for the day, throw some dry cereal in a bag for her “in the car breakfast” and somehow manage to back out of the driveway on time to get her to school, barely, and then take 2 seconds to finally breathe.

So then my day goes like this:

Facebook, Bible Study, Twitter, Bible Study, breakfast, Linkeden, shower, Instagram, blog, design for 10 minutes, get dressed, Pinterest, text, do the dishes, design for a whole hour, make my bed, run to the store to buy birthday treats for my daughters class, do my hair, design for 10 minutes, text, start a load of laundry, check email (which are mostly spam and emails from my child’s school), pick up the toys and clothes my daughter left for me to step on, talk to someone way too long, lunch that consists of a non-existent food group, Facebook, helping someone at the school, church, text, sprint to the kitchen and try think of some sort of amazing dinner, sit in carpool for 45 minutes, homework duty, throwing dinner together – literally, 1 hour of trying to get my daughter to bed, than another hour of putting her to bed, sit down and try to design – give up because I am tired, sit in front of the TV in a trance around the clothes that need to be folded, try to spend time with my husband, go to bed exhausted telling yourself that tomorrow will be the opposite of this day, crashing in bed tired and then laying there in bed for 2 hours wide awake thinking of all the things I didn’t do, people I didn’t call/text, work I have to do tomorrow, work there is no way I will get done tomorrow, wondering if I can even get everything done by the end of the week (which includes Saturday and Sunday) and dreaming about a vacation and a massage. SIGH!

My friends tell me I am very organized… I tell them all the time that my personality is hard to pin down. LOL! Well let me tell you that I am a creative person who knows how to organize things. But that’s it! With everything else in my life, I will admit I struggle in a very big way. Why? Because a bunch of creative people created a bunch of things that make creative people VERY distracted. And if you are a creative person who is a working mom and a wife, well there are now words for us. Creative people don’t like routine. I wake up each day wanting to create my day on the fly. Which, by the way, if you hadn't read the first part of this post, it only slightly works. Especially when in our day and age you have to organize so much of your life! You have to organize your sleep, your work, your time on social media devices, your house, your children, the 50 school emails and school online accounts, your volunteer time, friend time, meal time, phone time, spouse time, family time, shopping time, yes it is as insane as I write it!

I so wish I could tell you a magical formula to how to really be the most productive and amazing working mom who has an office out of their homes. But the reality is, I haven’t figured it out. I simply pray all day long.

But let me tell you that if I worked in a cube in an office, my day wouldn’t be as much fun! At home it is insane, but it is fun! I think someday I will create a rhythm to my workday at home. But for now, I am going to go sit on the porch in the fall sun and eat a popsicle.