Snow Day? Bored? Some Ideas!

Stuck inside? Bored? Need to entertain yourself or the kids?

Well here is a list of ideas for both grown-ups and kids to get you started on a fun filled day! When you can't get to the store or just don't want to, it is fun to try and create or find activities with things you have in the house. Watch out, you might find yourself organizing your craft supplies before you even start...and if that's the case, no worries you just filled up your day and made it productive.

Note: for some of the ideas I have a link to websites with instructions. Others, I have only pictures or words and the hope that they are easy enough that no instructions would be needed. Besides, when you are stuck inside there is a lot of time to figure things out, right?! Have FUN!


Grownup Snow Day Ideas.jpg

1. Twine or Yarn Wrapped Bottles and Vases

2. Twine or Yarn Wrapped Wooden or Cardboard Letters

3. Make Your Own Bows

4. Button Bobby Pins

5. Framed Punched Book Pages

6. Flower Painting with a Liter Bottle

7. Button Art

8. Vintage Book Page Gift Bags

9. Handmade Envelopes from Scrapbook Paper

10. Just SIT.... and read a book!

11. Organize a cupboard or closet. 

12. Go through craft supplies to donate to a friend, church, school.

For Kids

Kids Snow Day Ideas.jpg

1. Easy Stitch Cards

2. Mess Free Finger Painting

3. Indoor Magnet Fishing

4. Indoor Bean Bag Toss

5. Yarn Laser Obstacle Course

6. Shower Curtain Village Play Mat

7. Marble Race Track

8. Indoor Snowball Fight and DIY Snowball Instructions

9. 500+ Activities at The Artful Parent

10. Build a Fort (with pillows, cushions, creative!)

11. Have a Marshmallow Fight

12. Rearrange Your Child's Bedroom, with them!