Tea Time

Today it's snowing in Colorado and snow always calls for a spot of tea. But not just any tea, Good Earth's Sweet & Spicy tea.

Yep, I sound like a commercial because if you haven't tried this tea you are missing out. It is always flying off the shelf at the store and I take pride in the fact that I have helped so many of my friends become addicted to it.

This is my favorite tea for its wonderful strong flavor, the amazing smell, and the little messages on the tea tag. Oh and I am also enjoying the new bright packaging. It recently went from dark burgundy to bright white and orange. Love it! And the messages on the tea tags are a fun surprise and a great design element to the design. 

This morning I had to laugh as my designers eye caught a typo on my tea tag. Do you see it? Yes, the blessing and a curse of the designer. Oh my, I can only hope that others haven't caught mistakes like this on my designs.