So you are interested in working with J Bohler Designs? Fantastic! Before we get started, there are some questions that are needed to understand your specific needs in order for me to quote you. Fill out the Discovering Your Creative Needs form on the right to get started.

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Design Process:

Discovery . . Before I can give you a quote, I need to find out about your specific design needs, your timeline, learn about you, your organization and more. The Discovering Your Creative Needs form to the right is the place we start.

Quote | Project Terms . . Once I know all about your design needs I will give you a quote and layout the project terms for the project.

Research . . Before I can even sit down at the computer and begin designing. I need to continue to do my research about you and your industry to make sure I'm heading in the right direction.

Conceptualization . . Once I have found out all I can about the direction and needs of the final design, I begin conceptualizing ideas. Nope, not on the computer yet, but in my head and on paper. This is a crucial stage in the creative process as to help minimize the actual design time on the computer.

Designing the concepts . . Ok, now I'm on the computer designing concepts that you will see and that we will tweak and revise until we reach the best final concept you didn't even know you were envisioning. But wait...we're not quite finished yet.

Finalizing the design . . At this point we make all the final revisions  to your design so that we can move on to showcasing your company or event through print or web.

Saving the files . . Of course I won't forget to do just a bit more creating by making a CD with the final designs and  prepping them for commercial and/or home or office printing as well as online or social media.

Now for the best part . . . enjoying your new artwork!

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Discovering your creative needs:

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What do you want this design to say about you?
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Are there any key symbols, photos, fonts, graphics, etc. that you have in mind for the design?
Are there existing images, fonts, backgrounds, colors, etc. that you will provide to be included in the design? If not, are you ok with purchasing design elements for your design or is special design elements not in your budget?
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Favorite color and why? Least favorite color and why?
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